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Mon - NOON - 7PM
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Special Operations During this Special Time

First off, we can’t thank our customers, staff and community enough for the outpouring of support we have had the last few days. It goes without saying that Friendship Brewing Company is a family. We have been overwhelmed by support the last few days and appreciate everything that you have done to make this troubling time a little bit easier.

We have gone to a business model that will accommodate our customers. Starting Friday, March 20th, we will offer growler fills (32oz and 64oz) and also Crowlers (32oz Cans) to go only. As with so many other businesses, we feel it’s best to follow the 10 people in the building at a time and keeping 6 foot of distance between each other. You can call ahead and pre-order a growler if you do not have your own. If you bring in a growler, please make sure it has been cleaned properly. We will sanitize it by dunking it into our sanitizing solution. We will then rinse it will clean water and proceed to fill it. Once filled, it will be submerged into the sanitizer solution before we hand it to you.

If you like, you can download the Arryved app for your phone. After you enter in your CC information and set your profile, you will be able to open a tab right from your phone. You will still have to call ahead to order but as the server rings up the growler fill, you can then pay your tab right from your phone. It is important to note that you must close the tab from your phone. Once you arrive onsite, just give them your name and proceed with the growler fills as usual. This eliminates any interactions with money or credit cards.

Crowlers, which are 32oz cans are now available. We have a cooler with grab and go cans of our most popular blends. We will fill with any Friendship beer on demand if they are not in the cooler.

Check out the online store. We can sell anything from merchandise, to gift cards. More product will be added soon. Click the SHOP button on the top menu to browse our catalog. 

Benefits Bistro

Benefits Bistro is serving almost a full menu. They will have packaged meals for families very soon and we will publish their take out menu as soon as it is ready. They also will use the most common delivery services, Doordash and GrubHub available so you can order directly and have it delivered. Come by and grab some beer and food to go!

Our staff.

We are very mindful of our staff during this troubling time. With a reduction in service, several of our staff are having to stay at home and the loss of income will be very impactful. We are trying various ways to accommodate as many as we can but it depends greatly on our ability to sell to our customers. Please consider them when purchasing to go items. A virtual tip jar has been set up that will donate 100% of the proceeds directly to the staff. It is now on the left side of the main page. You can also tip from the app when paying your tab.

We appreciate all you do for Friendship. We will get through this together. We are #FriendshipStrong!

Once again, Friendship Brewing Company has won the Best Brewery of St. Charles County for the third year in a row. We simply are humbled by our wonderful patrons who have voted for us. We are committed at Friendship and will continue to deliver excellent service along with great tasting beers. We would also like to recognize our staff who have been wonderful this past year. Without their passion and enthusiasm, we could not do what we do every day. That is, to serve each and everyone like they are family. Thank you for taking the time to vote. We sincerely appreciate it!

There will be more to Friendship in the near future! We look forward to our next chapter…

Time to Enjoy the Holidays!

Welcome Friends! With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the Holiday season and the end of the year. That means some great beers are on deck. It’s like stout and porter weather. Time to enjoy a warm fire on our great patio and sip on some robust beers while taking in the events in the past year.

Friendship has been busy working towards many new projects. We are very fortunate to have the customers that support us. We are thankful that we can serve beer to some of the best people in the Wentzville area. Plan your Holiday get together with us. We would love the opportunity to host your event. Contact us for more details. Happy Holidays!

Friendship Brewing named Missouri’s
Great American Beer Bar – 2019

by CraftBeer.com

We are honored to receive special recognition – voted by our great customers!  This prestigious award is not exclusive to breweries, but includes all venues that serve beer (that’s a lot of competition).  Being the best place in Missouri to relax and have a beer is what Friendship is all about!  In addition to our customers, we are extremely proud of our staff for helping us achieve our very best. 

Please click to see the full article on Craftbeer.com and/or the Forbes article by Gary Stoller at Forbes.com




Barrel Release Series (BRS)

We still have plenty of the BRS, Belgian Dark Strong aged in Seagram’s Rye barrels, left for the taking. Stop by and grab a couple of bottles before they are gone.

Also released the same day will be After Hours Belgian Quad aged in Jim Beam Barrels. This is on draft only. 

Why Friendship?

Does friendship inspire brewing, or does brewing inspire friendship? Yes. Back in the late 1980’s, out on the prairie in Kansas, some college friends – in a wasteland of flavor devoid light lagers – decided to give brewing a try. It was fun. It was good. Many taste buds were saved. Over two decades later, after divorces, career challenges, personal peaks and valleys and a plethora of batches of homebrew later… it is still fun, and still good. When times were tough, when the future was uncertain, the comforting constant that kept us talking, laughing, creating, and enjoying life? Brewing good beer. When family and our many greatly appreciated friends urged us to ‘go make beer!’… well…thank you! We are. Brewed by friends, brewed for friends. Old friends, new friends, brew friends. Friendship inspires brewing, and brewing inspires friendship. Enjoy your friendships. Enjoy our Friendships!

Concerning Large Groups, Bus Trips and Events

Our taproom is limited in size. We do have some outdoor seating available when the weather is nice. We simply cannot handle large, unexpected parties. If you are stopping by with more than 10 in your group, please contact us a week in advance to give us the details. We will need to bring in extra staff to cover your party. We can take your information and we will try everything we can to accommodate you. Please understand that we are a taproom for a brewery and we simply cannot take large parties unexpectedly. Thanks!!


***Updates, long message alert***

1. HUGE thanks to our amazing friends, patrons, and our community for super support during these challenging times.

2. Like most small businesses, we are striving to ADAPT and seek balance - to be very careful with maximizing health efforts and still supporting our displaced employees.

Our hours, for the immediate future are:

EVERY DAY 12:00 - 7:00, pick up only.

We evaluate the situation every day and do the best we can to exist. All hours and policies are subject to change at any time, please bear with us. The best way to know what is up?
Call us: 636-856-9300.

Call-in orders are best for both beer and food.
We can have minimal contact or even zero contact if you choose to download and use the ARRYVED app, which interfaces directly with our point of sale system. Please call us to utilize.

ONLINE SHOPPING for gift cards, shirts, hats, etc. is live on our website.

VIRTUAL TIP JAR is also live on the website: any tips go directly into a fund solely for our displaced service staff, 100%.

TO GO groceries:

Benefits has:

Hand cut ribeye steaks, $9.99
Fresh boneless chicken breasts, 8-piece, $12.99
10-lb. packages ground beef, $5.99/lb.
Call Jerry at: 636-577-8655

Let’s get through this together,
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