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FRIENDS! We will have a presence at our Hannibal location during the steampunk festival. This will not be our normal service but there will be beer and food available! Please sign up for our email newsletter for an alert with official details! 

We have been receiving many inquiries about the status of our current venture, Friendship Brewing -- Hannibal. Our contractors have been hard at work making significant updates to our beautiful historic building in downtown Hannibal. PLEASE NOTE: We want to be open just as much as you want great beer in your area! Once we have an opening date WE WILL update the public, we promise!

        We are rearranging the flow of the entire building; the taproom and entrance will be at the front of the building on Main Street. The new outdoor beer garden will be south of the taproom and will be accessible to new taproom via two large, glass garage doors that can be opened when weather permits.  We are currently making modifications to the existing kitchen and will be reviewing the existing equipment to determine can be retained and what will need to added.  A new outdoor stairway from the beer garden will provide access a covered roof deck area on the second floor.  The brewery operations will remain as is.  Future plans will bring some of the brewery operations down to the first floor to allow for expansion of the former "pilot bar".   The current renovation will create two rental rooms on the second floor above the taproom.

     With regard to event space, we have not begun renovation work on the second floor meeting space, but this is the next priority in our expansion efforts.  When we are ready to book large events we will post more  information.  We are hoping to be able to book larger parties by mid 2023, but we are unable to commit at this time.

    We will continue to update as improvements progress and hopefully soon give a timeline to reopening the building! 

Thank you all for the incredible support!


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422 N Main St. Hannibal,

MO 633401

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