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Our first annual DOG SHOW is happening SOON- APRIL 22nd!

FBC has teamed up with The Crafted Bone and local rescue, On My Way to Furever, to create this special event that will be the cutest, furriest FBC event to date! 

$10 entry fee per dog- entry fee will be donated to On My Way to Furever Rescue

* Fee can be paid day of event- cash, credit *

The dogs will be judged in three categories:

Events start at 2:00 PM

2:00 PM - Doggie Obstacle Course
Let’s see if your dog can complete the obstacle course.
4 areas to test your dog’s agility. Jump, leap. hoop, scale!
3:00 PM - Tricks and Obedience
Show off your tricks and obedience to the judges.
Impress them and win!
4:00 PM - Doggie Costume Contest
Dress your pup up in the best costume and win!

Prizes include dog treats, gift cards, human merch, dog merch and more!


  • Your dog must be leashed at all times with exception of the time of participating in the course.

  • If your dog poops on the property, please pick it up and dispose of it properly; there will be a designated trash can. 

  • If your dog is aggressive in ANY way- this is not the event for them, even if you are just spectating, please be a responsible dog parent for the safety of all of the other dogs and patrons!


Please read the rules of entering your dog in the show.

The most important is that your dog is well behaved around other dogs, is leashed at ALL times and if they poop in the yard, please pick it up and dispose of it properly, there will be a special garbage can easily located within the yard. 

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