Brian was born with a homebrewing father, in a home just a few blocks from an operating brewery. He didn’t stand a chance… the sights, sounds, and smells of brewing were all around him from the beginning. A long summer spent in London as a teenager (in an apartment with a pub on the ground floor and extensive sampling all over the U.K. and Ireland) further cemented a taste for quality beer and ales. Later, in a college town typically overflowing with corporate light lagers, he and a friend began brewing their own beer in search of body and flavor. Almost twenty seven years later, the pursuit of delicious craft beer happily continues. After a meandering professional career, and given the exciting explosion of interest and activity in the craft beer industry, and very importantly… the encouragement of friends to ‘go big!’, making the leap from homebrewing to commercial brewing, and thereby serving a community and region that he loves, just made sense



Perhaps it should have been obvious with the surname of Brewer that David was destined to be involved in the beer industry.  Notwithstanding his college years of drinking beer (the yellow fizzy stuff) his passion remained dormant for many years.  Then, when attending a Christmas party while working in construction management, David placed a business card into a drawing for a gift basket of craft beer at Growlers Pub.  Over the next several weeks his love for the flavor varieties and complexities of fine craft beer was ignited.  After making a career change and opening a hardware store, local homebrewers began coming to the store in search of parts for their homebrew setups.  The second phase of David’s epiphany was sparked when he learned about making beer at home and began selling beer and winemaking supplies at his hardware store.  Becoming involved in the homebrewing scene in St. Charles county, many great Friendships were established, including those with Friendship’s brewers and Friendship’s founder Brian Nolan.  In September of 2019, David bought out Brian’s remaining business partner and we began the journey of growth and innovation in beer with what we insiders sometimes call Friendship 2.0.  Come visit our brewery and beer garden.  Be sure to take time to relax, have a few of your favorite beers, and hang out with Friends, AND find  your passion --we’ve found ours.



Shawn Herrin has been in the brewing industry for a long time. Shawn started his career at Trailhead Brewing Company in the Spring of 2007. After 2 years he left and started brewing at Square One in St. Louis. While at Square One, the owner also had Augusta Brewing Company and Shawn split his time between the two breweries. By Spring of 2010, Augusta was bought by the Heisler’s, Terry and Jeri. Shawn started brewing full time at Augusta, leaving Square One that year.  Shawn also attended the Seibel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy.  In 2017 Shawn started brewing at Friendship part time and became a full time brewer in March of 2018. Shawn brings a world of knowledge about the brewing process and the science behind the craft. Please say hi to Shawn the next time you come in and enjoy a pint.



Bobby “Dr.” Love was born in Poplar Bluff, and grew up in Fenton and Ballwin. Bob has two sons, Brandon and Brett. Both, not surprisingly, enjoy craft beer. Brett is an avid craft beer enthusiast and will likely help behind the bar at Friendship Brewing. Bob has homebrewed since 1995, when he received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. He enjoyed making beer with the kit, but wasn’t satisfied. But… it gave him the proverbial ‘itch’. Then came extract beer kits looking for improved beer quality, better flavor. Bob won several medals with extract kits but something was lacking… so he naturally progressed to brewing with all-grain recipes in 2007, and brewed up a very good Scotch Ale. His self-fabricated mobile 12-volt brewing system has been busy ever since, at home and on the go. Bobby has become a legendary local homebrewer and has been active in the local homebrewing club for nearly twenty years, creating many admittedly crazy but delicious recipes. The beer he is most proud of is Razmanian Devil, a rasberry/jalapeno ale, which garnered a 3rd Place award out of 96 entries in a national American Homebrewer’s Association contest, his recipe was then featured in Zymergy Magazine. Bobby is always looking forward to brewing his next ‘crazy’ masterpiece and hopes it will be your newest favorite! Dr. Love has the cure for what ales ya!



Originally from Danville Il.  Graduated from SIU Carbondale in Turf Management that included a lot of chemistry.  Moved to St. Louis in 1986 and took a Superintendents job at Forest Hills CC.  Started my company Bluewing Supply LLC in 2004, supplying golf courses with seed, fertilizer and chemicals.
Started brewing in 2007 with Kent Critchell after his pestering, for two years, to come make a beer with him and have been brewing ever since.



Griff was born in Texas and grew up in the Houston/Galveston area. Living in Crystal Beach, TX in the summers and in Houston and Galveston in the Spring, Fall and Winters. Mike grew up in the club and restaurant business. His father owned more than 40 different restaurants, bars, night clubs and icehouses. Griff worked with his father to open many bars.

Griff’s first experience with non-mainstream, domestic beer came when a small establishment in Houston opened in 1985 called “The Ginger Man Pub.” The huge selection of taps and bottles was unlike anything at the time. Griff started enjoying mostly imports and began writing about them in a logbook. Some of the “craft beers” at the time included Anchor Steam, Sam Adams and Shiner.

Griff moved to Missouri in 1997. Sometime in 2012, Griff had a 4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown. This sparked a whole new interest in beer. With that, came a desire to learn to brew. Griff started brewing in the same year and soon was taking some solid advice from Bobby Love, Bob Brandt and Kent Critchell. Griff is excited to continue to learn from some of the greatest talent in the brewing industry and brew some of his own recipes at Friendship Brewing Company.



Kent was born in Cincinnati Ohio and has lived in St. Louis since 1972. He’s been in the turfgrass industry for 31 years. Kent received his first home brew kit for his birthday in 1996. He is currently working on becoming a Cicerone and a BJCP judge. Some of his favorite things to do besides spending time with my girlfriend Cindy and brewing are, grilling, smoking and barbecuing. Cooking in general. Anything racing (cars, boats, etc.…). Going to Cardinals and Blues games. Occasional concert. He loves to travel whenever possible (of course there’s always great food and beer to try along the way). He also likes listening to great music and laughing with friends. If you’re around him long enough, you’ll be laughing too (that’s what she said)!! Either with him or as usual, at him!!



it wasn't until 2008 that the Craft Beer bug bit Kyle. While in springfield MO, Kyle started a weekly beer club that met for many years. Not entirely satisfied, he started a podcast in 2013. Ironically, Kyle interviewed Brian and Bob on this podcast just 4 weeks after Friendship had opened in 2016. A few short years later, Kyle picked up bussing with FBC as a second job and soon found himself helping brew. As this is somewhat of a dream job for him, Kyle has been a happy helper since.

Netta and Lindsey

Netta has been at FBC for five and a half years. Like Lindsey, she started off as a server and worked her way up. Her favorite beer is “Laplander” as well, but also loves After Hours “Aviation”. When she isn’t hosting our private events or running around helping our serving staff she enjoys scuba diving and crafting.  

Lindsey has been at FBC for almost five years. She started off as a server and worked her way up to management within the last few years. Her favorite FBC beer is the “Laplander” or anything dark and sweet! When she isn’t holding things down at the brewery, she loves swimming and spending time with her family. 

They now are our beloved managers, event planners, and accounting specialists who work so hard every day to keep the brewery working as a well oiled machine!