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Check out some of our upcoming events!!

2/11/24 Super Bowl Watch Party & Potluck

Bring a dish to share with the group. We will meet at Friendship FliHi and set up on the mezzanine. We will have all TV's on the Super Bowl and there will be plenty of outlets for your dish. We have a 85" TV at one end and a 55" at the other. Plus, we will have a TV on the stage and all TV's behind the main bar will be up and going.

We will have Arrowhead Red flowing as well with $1 off per pint for anyone participating. We will have some trays of food from the FliHi kitchen as well.

2/14/24 Valentines Day Flight 💘👼

We are setting off sparks this Valentine's Day! So bring your honey and grab our v-day flight with TWO brews and TWO special cocktails! Flight is for two days only, or while supply lasts - available at 4pm 2/14!

  • Rosehip & Hibiscus Wheat

  • Strawberry Basil smash (gin)

  • Chocolate Cherry port BA Imperial Stout

  • Chocolate Martini

At 6:30 we will be playing SINGO and this playlist is about LOVE LOVE LOVE! Featuring 98 Degrees, Akon, Bangles, Barry White, Blake Shelton, Bobby Darin, Cure, Coldplay, Temptations, Big Mountain, Sonny & Cher and so many more!

2/29/24 Leap year Birthday Celebration! 🍻

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