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This Week @ FBC (1/3-1/8)

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Happy New Year! 🎉

We are SO happy we got to spend 2022 with old friends while making new friends and carrying on the Friendship way! 🤝

Let's jump into what we have going on this week!

- If you don't follow us on Untappd (you should) we tapped Bock Betty

last Friday!

- It's that time of year, and we stocked up on NA Beer! If you're participating in Dry January, we got you covered!

Left to right- Lagunitas- IPNA, Brewdog- Punk AF, Brewdog- Hazy AF, Sam Adams- Just the Haze, Wellbeing- Heavenly Body, Guiness- Kaliber 🖤


- Music with No Strings Attached- all tips go to Habitat for Humanity (7-9pm)

- Cran-it Cider has changed to a NEW Mango Peach Cider! 🍑

- $2 off Outrageous Accent

- Tacos @ The Caboose Kitchen (see board)


- SMALL BATCH: HSB (if you know, you know... this one is spicy) 🌶️🌶️🌶️

- Fried Chicken sandwich with sidewinder fries @ The Caboose Kitchen


- SINGO BINGO- Party Starter!

* This playlist is a high energy mashup from across the genera rainbow... it includes hits from KISS, Lil Jon, No Doubt, Run DMC, Toby Keith, Wham and so many more! *

- Ladies Night! $1 off all FBC beer!

- Special Mac n' Beer Cheese @ The Caboose Kitchen (see board)


- Irish Coffee and spiked hot chocolate available all weekend long!

- Special Flatbread @ The Caboose Kitchen (see board)

MUSIC: Matt Walterscheid 7-10pm


MUSIC: Steve Kyle 7-10pm


- Build your own Bloody Mary bar, Mimosas, Brunch Burger 🎉


January 17th - Half-way to our birthday Lu-WOW! More details to come.

- Dress in your best Luau garb and celebrate our half(ish) birthday!

February 21st - Mardi Gras!

- Dress in your best Mardi Gras gear! $1 off select FBC beer!

Let's have a great week with friends, cheers! 🍻

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