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One more beer for the end of the year!

2021 is coming to an end, and we have ONE more beer on deck for our friends.

This beer will be tapped Friday 12/31/21

Made with the mother of all grain trio's, this Black IPA is sure to drive the Gods mad.

This beer has a deep malted grain and nut-like flavor, alongside bursts of three different hop profiles that create a citrus side profile as a subtle reminder of spring... what more could you ask for when celebrating the Winter season and a new year? This brew will pair well with the Carolina Mustard chicken wings, a hearty Cheeseburger or even the Buffalo Chicken sandwich back at The Caboose Kitchen. Start your New Year's Eve off right, with a happy belly and happy friends!

*Disclaimer: This beer does not have Pomegranates in it, this graphic is simply honoring the Greek story of Persephone*
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