Brew Pretzels - Two salted pretzels served with beer cheese and pub mustard. 9

Beer Cheese and Chips - Beer cheese with fresh fried tortilla chips. 8

Scotch Eggs – If you know, you know. Served with Pub mustard. 12

Pork Rinds - Fried fresh to order and dusted with your choice of Cajun, House spice or Old Bay seasoning. 8

Chicken Wings - Beer Brined, oven roasted, and deep fried. 14

(Bobby’s Buffalo, BBQ, Carolina Mustard, Cajun Rubbed)

Buffalo Chicken Nachos - Roasted, shredded chicken, beer cheese, Bobby’s Buffalo sauce, bacon, Pico de Gallo, scallions, fiesta sour cream, jalapeños on fresh fried corn tortilla chips. 12

BBQ Pork Nachos - Smoked pulled pork, beer cheese, house BBQ sauce, bacon, Pico de Gallo, scallions, fiesta sour cream, jalapeños on fresh fried corn tortilla chips. 12

* Beer Cheese Fries – Sidewinder fries, beer cheese, bacon, fiesta sour cream and scallions. 8 (add chili $2)

Please Note: Daily Specials and Rotating Items will be displayed at the location and are subject to change based upon availability. We welcome your suggestions. 


Burgers & such are served with sidewinder fries.

* Cheese Burger – American cheese, lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato and Pub Mustard. 12

* Bacon Cheeseburger – Smoked gouda, bacon, lettuce, tomato, porcini aioli, Texas toast. 13

* Fiesta Burger – Pepper jack, guacamole, bacon, Fiesta sour cream, Pico de Gallo, lettuce. 13

* Goat Cheese & Jam Bacon Burger – Seasonal herb jam, goat cheese and bacon. 13

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Roasted chicken, buffalo sauce, mixed greens, cheddar, tomato, onion, and ranch in a sundried tomato wrap. 12

Mandalorian Chicken Wrap - Shredded chicken, feta cheese, roasted grape tomato, spring mix with garlic and rosemary oil & balsamic drizzle. 12

** BBQ Pork Sandwich – Smoked pulled pork, BBQ, Carolina Mustard, Pepper Jack, sweet & spicy slaw on Texas toast. 11

* Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Chicken breast, porcini aioli, gouda, ranch, tomato, lettuce and onions on toasted brioche. 12

* Home Wrecker Chili Dog –Deep fried, smothered in chili, cheese and onion. 11


Sweet & Spicy Slaw - 3 
Bag of Chips – 2
* Basket of Fries – 5
* Mac n Beer Cheese - 5


Beer Cheese Soup – 5

* Chili- 5

House Salad - Mixed greens, cheese, diced onion, tomato, and croutons. - 6

Mayfair Salad - Ham, swiss, romaine and croutons tossed in Mayfair dressing. 11

DRESSINGS – Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Mayfair, Italian Stallion.


Buffalo - Shredded chicken, Buffalo sauce, mozzarella, ranch, onion and tomato. 12

* BLT – Diced bacon, onion, and mozzarella, lightly chopped lettuce, fresh diced tomato and ranch. 12

** Veggie Florentine – Garlic and rosemary infused pizza oil, feta, roasted grape tomato, lightly chopped spring mix, balsamic. 12 (add chicken $1)

Cheese – 10

Pepperoni – 11


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