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We have a Pearce Porter that will knock your socks off coming the week of December 14th. This robust porter has been on before and is the base to several of our Porter based beers such as King Nut. The richness of base malts combined with the roastiness of dark malts producing a satisfying aroma, mouthfeel and taste you will absolutely enjoy!

ABV - 8.0% and IBU - 30.

Our online store is available to preorder all our canned and bottled beers. We also have some gift cards available if you would like to order for a friend or yourself for the holidays. If you are ordering for someone in the area but cannot pick it up yourself, please send an email to with the mailing information and we will send it to their house with whatever note you type in the email. Be sure to include your order number so we knows where it goes. We mail out every other day.

Here is the link to our online store -


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