5th Anniversary Lu-WOW!

Updated: Jul 14

Join us for our 5th Anniversary on June 26th. Fun games and great beverages. Fun for the whole family. Everything kicks off at noon. We hope to see you here!!!

Event Details -

5th Anniversary Lu-Wow!

Games Rules and Schedule

2:00 PM Coconut Bowling – You will get 3 coconuts (Balls) to try and knock down the pins. These are not necessarily grouped together but placed at various distances throughout the course. The object is to knock all 3 down with 3 coconuts. Doing so, will put you into the finals where you will compete to do it again. The winner will get a $25 gift card, 2nd will get a $15 gift card and 3rd will get a $10 gift card. Kids are allowed to play but will not earn prizes.

3:00 PM Hula Hoop Simon Says – Remember Simon Says? You have to perform all the tasks while keeping a hula hoop going. It’s not easy by any means. The fun really starts when you not only have to concentrate on keeping it going but listen to the caller assign tasks. The last person standing in this elimination competition will win a $25 gift card, 2nd Place will get a $15 gift card and 3rd place will get a $10 gift card. If we have more people than hula hoops, we will break it down into groups and the winners from each group will compete. Kids are allowed to play but will not earn prizes.

4:00 PM Lu-Wow Clothing Relay – Teams of 4 will compete for prizes by doing a relay race where you have to put on a hat, shirt, shorts and flip flops race to your teammate, undress, they must then get fully dressed and race back. You repeat until you finish. Oh, don’t worry, the clothes are oversized, so they go right over your existing clothes. Fastest team will win $25 gift cards for each member of your team. Must be 21 to participate.

5:00 PM Limbo – How low can you go? – Rules are pretty much the same as any limbo. Go under the crossbar as low as you can and win. No sideways or backwards. Feet must go before the head. No sideways tilting. Children can participate but the prize will be for adults 21+ only. The prize for 1st place is a Friendship $25 gift card, 2nd place is a $15 gift card and 3rd place will get a $10 gift card!

6:00 PM Beachball Relay – The relay course will be the same as the clothing relay. Teams of 4 will compete to successfully dash to the finish with a beachball between their legs. No hands are allowed. If the beachball hits the ground, you must pick it up using only your legs. You will have to transfer the ball to your teammate using only your legs. They will then dash back and transfer the ball to the 3rd person. Fastest team to complete will earn a $25 gift card for each player on your team. Must be 21 to participate.

All Day The Dunking Booth – for $5, you get 3 balls to dunk your favorite, or not so favorite owner, brewer and server. All donations for the dunking booth will go to Charity. Come dunk some FBC staffers and have a good laugh!

7:00 PM – Luau/Hawaiian Themed Best Dressed – Come dressed for the occasion and you could take a prize. We have judges that will determine who it will be. There will be 2 different categories, Couples and Individual. Each winner will earn a $25 Gift Card. Look sharp!!

Activity for all – Hair Braiding by Leah – Get your hair braided with multiple colors for the Lu-Wow! Tons of colored string to choose from. This will run all day but times will vary depending on crowds.

Beers for the Lu-Wow! –

We will have some delicious treats for the Lu-Wow!

Key Lime Pie IPA – Our delicious Big Nose with Key Lime added.

Double Coconut Porter – Our Coconut Junction with an extra shot of coconut!

Ambrosia Blonde – Our Blonde flavored with Coconut, pineapple and mango!

Guava Wood Smoked Pineapple Hot Box – Hot Box of Cornbread flavored with Guava wood Smoked Pineapple.

Banana Bomb Heffy – Banana Added to our Heffy Dog!

Tangerine Gypsy Tang – A delicious blend of Tangerine and Tangelo added to the Gypsy’s Curse.

Grapefruit Laplander – Our double IPA with some grapefruit added!

Also Available –

Frozen Drinks

Purple’s Mai Tai – A blend of Passionfruit, Orange and Guava mixed with Pineapple and a Mai Tai base. Has a good amount of dark rum to make this a cool, refreshing drink.

Pina Colada – Our delicious recipe for Pina Colada which blends some really tropical fruit and coconut flavors together to make the perfect Summertime drink. Made with White Rum

Strawberry Daquiris and Margaritas – These will be available on a rotation basis after the Mai Tai’s are gone.

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