FBC 3rd Annual Lu-WOW!

The 3rd annual Lu-WOW is a celebration of our 3rd anniversary since we opened the doors in 2016. June 29th will be a fun filled day with music, contests, activities for all ages and, of course, great beers. We will also have a great lineup of bands and entertainment. Here is the schedule and some rules around the events.

12:00 PM – Open for Business
2:00 PM – Hula Hoop – Randy Says
4:00 PM – Pineapple Carving Entries Due
5:00 PM – Lei Jumping
5:30 PM – Pineapple Carving Judging and Awards.
6:00 PM – Beachball Relay
7:00 PM – Limbo
9:00 PM – Ugly Shirt/Nicest Shirt

Pineapple Carving Contest

We encourage you to bring your carved pineapple for the contest. 


  • All Pineapples must be carved. You cannot use a whole pineapple but must have carved it.
  • Your Pineapple must be the center, or main area, of your finished product. You can certainly use whatever food items you want to embellish it, be creative, but no embellishment unless it is edible. Example, using cherries for the eyes.
  • All work must be completed at home. You will not be allowed to carve or finish your entry at the brewery.
  • All carvings must be family friendly!
  • Your finished work must be contained in a tray or cookie sheet so it does not leak on the floor.
  • No open flames or electric will be allowed. You can use battery operated lighting if you wish.
  • All entries must be turned in by 4:00 PM, June 28th, 2019. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Random numbers will be assigned so we will have a people’s choice winner.
  • Judging will start at 5:30 PM.
  • Prizes will be awarded for people’s choice, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place chosen by our judges.
  • It is possible for to win both People’s Choice and a place.

Winner must be present to win.

LEI Jumping – The rules are simple. Don’t mess up! Start at the mark and continue until there is only one left. Any stoppage will disqualify the participant. Based upon the number we have sign up, do different heats. Then have a final. Last person standing will receive a $10.00 gift card which can be used for drink or merchandise.

Hula Hoops – Impress our Judges! Creativity counts. Longest, most creative hooping will be awarded a $10.00 gift card. This will be done as “Randy Says” you know, like Simon Says while hula hooping.

Limbo – You know, how low can you go… Winner will receive a $10.00 gift card which can be used for drink or merchandise.

Beachball Relay – This will be a team event. Each team will consist of 4 persons. We will draw to see which teams compete against other teams. We will also have a draw to pair up 4 person teams. In other words, we will randomly create 8 person teams by pairing 2 random, 4 person teams together. Winning team will get a free round of FBC beers.

The object is to keep the beachball in between your knees, passing it off to the next person. Only after the other person has full control of the ball can they proceed on the course. No hands can touch the ball. If a ball drops during transfer or while on the course, you may reacquire it but only using your legs to do so.

Ugly Hawaiian Shirt and Best Hawaiian Shirt – Don your best or worst hawaiian shirt for this judged contest. The judges will be looking for creativity, style, sex appeal (Keep in PG-13) and fashion design. Each winner will receive a 10.00 gift card which can be used for drink or merchandise.

Have fun and Drink Responsibly! We have Uber and Lyft in the area. Please plan accordingly.